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Preventive maintenance
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Electrical and pneumatic tightening tools are one of the most important parts of assembly operations. Heavy duty industrial tightening tools should be selected in accordance with the characteristics of the operation to be tightened. A tightening tool, which has been selected in accordance with the tightening operation, can be used for many years without any problems and trouble-free only by performing periodic maintenance. Since the tightening tools are dynamic tools with gear groups, it is possible to reduce the total cost of ownership by performing periodic maintenance depending on the intensity of use. It is common to encounter costly malfunctions in tools that are not maintained.

Alphabe Industrial Products provides service with its experienced, expert and competent technical service staff who have worked for many years in the service departments of brands such as Atlas Copco, Desoutter, Bosch Rexroth, which are the world's leading brands. Along with standard maintenance services, it provides its customers with special maintenance contract solutions depending on usage intensity and working conditions.

For detailed information about our standard maintenance solutions and special maintenance agreement solutions, you can contact us and request our expert technical staff to come to your visit.

The brands and products we provide preventive maintenance services are as follows.


Atlas Copco electrical tools

  • Transducerized tools (ST, STR, SR, ES, SL)

  • Transducerized fixturized tools (QST, QMX)

  • Current controlled tools (DS, DL)

  • Transducerized battery tools (STB, SRB,SB, TBP)

  • Clutch controlled battery tools (BCV, BCP)

  • PST servo press

Atlas Copco pneumatic tools

  • Pneumatic tightening tools (Ergo pulse, LUM, LTV, LMS, LTP, RTP)

  • Grinders (GTG, LSF, LSV, LST)

  • Drills (LBB, LBV)

  • Pneumatic hoists


CP-Desoutter electrical tools

  • Transducerized tools (ERAL, ERDL, EAB, ERP, EID, ERS, ELRT)

  • Transducerized fixturized tools (EM, EME, EMEL, EFDE, EFDA)

  • Current controlled tools (ECS, ECSF, ECA, ECD, MC)

  • Transducerized battery tools (B-FLEX, EPBC, EABC)

  • Clutch controlled battery tools (ELB, ELS, ELC)

CP-Desoutter pneumatic tools

  • Pneumatic tightening tools (PT pulse, SB, SC, SD)

  • Grinders (KL, KA)

Rexroth bakım.png

Bosch Rexroth electrical tools

  • Transducerized tools (ESA, ESV, ESM)

  • Transducerized fixturized tools

  • Current controlled tools (CC-ESA, CC-ESV, CC-ESM)

  • Transducerized battery tools (NEXO)

  • Clutch controlled battery tools (EXACT)

Bosch pneumatic tools

  • Pneumatic tightening tools

  • Grinders

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